The Norstar phone default ringer type can be changed to one of four distinctive style rings.  In an open office environment this can make hearing your phone ring easier.  To hear the four ring types available and select a ring type for your telephone follow these steps.

1.) Press the FEATURE button ( <or> ) followed by pressing Key Pad Asterick Sign then press Key Pad 6 .

Note: That the LCD Display now displays the actively ringing "Ring Type:".

2.) Pressing the LCD Display button directly below the word NEXT or pressing Key Pad 1 <or> Key Pad 2 <or> Key Pad 3 <or> Key Pad 4 you will hear the various available ring types.

3.) Once you hear the ring type you want your telephone to ring with press the LCD Display button directly below the word OK <or> press the HOLD button ( <or>  ).

To change your telephones default ringer volume see - Changing Ringer Volume.


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